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15th Scientific Conference
"Multimedia in Business and Administration"



Dear Sirs,
We invite you to attend to 15th Scientific Conference "MULTIMEDIA IN BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION", which will be held on March 22-24, 2023. Department of Management Information Systems of Częstochowa University of Technology and Scientific Society for Organization and Management in Częstochowa are the organizers of Conference.

The purpose of the cyclical conference is to present latest trends and technologies that allow to solve problems in the scope of organising and managing contemporary organisations. With particular stress on developing cooperation between centres and representatives of business, we initiate new scientific and business contacts.


Prof. DSc PhD Eng. Leszek Kiełtyka
Chairman of the Conference

Associate Professor, DSc PhD Eng. Klaudia Smoląg
Deputy Chairman of the Conference

Associate Professor, DSc PhD Eng. Robert Kucęba
Chairperson of the Programme Board

PhD Eng. Artur Wrzalik
Organisational Secretary

Prof. DSc PhD Dorota Jelonek
Program Secretary

Associate Professor, DSc PhD Eng. Waldemar Jędrzejczyk
Science Secretary

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