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13th Scientific Conference
"Multimedia in Business and Administration"
ICT Technologies in Contemporary Management

Częstochowa, Poland



Dear Sirs,
We invite you to attend to 13th Scientific Conference "MULTIMEDIA IN BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION. ICT Technologies in Contemporary Management", which will be held between 18-19 October 2018 in Częstochowa, Poland. Institute of Management Information Systems of Częstochowa University of Technology and Scientific Society for Organization and Management in Częstochowa are the organizers of Conference.

The goal of periodically organized conference „Multimedia in Business and Administration” is to present new multimedia techniques and technology which improve economical, educational and administrative activities as well as to exchange experiences of theory and practice in modern organization managing.

The conference connects education and business via discussion form of scientific sessions, which are separated by business representatives presentations.

The conference participation is not required for paper printing.


Prof. Leszek Kiełtyka
Conference Chairman

Ph.D. Klaudia Smoląg, Prof. PCz
Program Committee Chairperson

Ph.D. Artur Wrzalik
Science Secretary

Ph.D. Dariusz Dudek
Organization Secretary